What is Cultural Emergence? 

Cultural Emergence is an invitation to create cultures of personal leadership, collective wisdom and Earth care. Emergence initiates breakthroughs that expand our thinking and enable us to build personal and collective resilience, and embody new ways of being and interacting.  It nourishes and empowers us to design the world we want to live in. 

Welcome to Cultural Emergence. I have been co-creating these empowering tools since 2016, with inspiration from many people. Around the world there are people who are using Cultural Emergence in their lives, families and communities for positive change. It is a joy to share Cultural Emergence with you, and to anticipate the positive ripples that may arise. I am excited to welcome you on this adventure into a hopeful future.

Looby Macnamara
Author of Cultural Emergence - A Toolkit for Transforming Ourselves and the Worlld

out now new Cultural Emergence book

Looby Macnamara, international thought leader and teacher, introduces Cultural Emergence, a framework and toolkit that enables us to design the world we want to live in. It activates healing and revolutionises our approach to creating life-sustaining and regenerative cultures.

Drawing upon the lineages of indigenous wisdom, permaculture design and systems thinking, Cultural Emergence is a profoundly effective toolkit for creating a new understanding of culture.

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Cultural Emergence belongs in the hands of every change maker

Author of Permaculture Design

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Over 300 pages filled with stories, illustrations and activities

Cultural Emergence Birthday Week

It’s been a year since Cultural Emergence - A toolkit for Transforming Ourselves & the World by Looby Macnamara, went to press.

At this 1 year anniversary to celebrate we had 3 events  to share designs, stories, music, poems, visuals and future plans.

Click here to check out what we did and see recording of some of the events

Connect With Others

Watch the Cultural Emergence Courses Connection Call

If you missed the Connection Call in July here is the recording with Looby Macnamara, Jon Young, Leona Johnstone and Regina Paul. They share stories of Applewood and plans for the upcoming Cultural Emergence courses (PEACE, ACE and CEED) from August 2022 and to January 2023.

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Coming soon

Cultural Emergence Community Space 

Looby and the other Fire Tenders are finalising plans for a brand new Online Community Space, where people can connect with each other and learn more about Cultural Emergence.

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Events and Courses Coming UP 

Watch this video from Looby, Leona and Regina to find out more about the PEACE Course. 

PEACE Course - in Person

Places Left

16th - 21st August 2022

In Person with Looby Macnamara,
Leona Johnson & Regina Paul

PEACE - Peace, Empowerment And Cultural Emergence Course is an opportunity to deeply connect with ourselves, each other and the more than human world, finding peace and empowerment within ourselves. 

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ACE Course - in person

16th - 18th September 2022

In Person with Looby Macnamara 

The ACE (Activating Cultural Emergence) course is in person at the Applewood Permaculture Centre, Herefordshire, UK. Join Looby to learn about the challenge and awaken phase of Cultural Emergence. 

Early Bird Places Left 
Plus '10% off if you bring a friend' Offer
Mothers linking arms in a circle

Mothers As Natural Leaders Course

24th & 25th September 2022

In Person with Looby Macnamara & Emma Gorbutt

This NEW course guides women through a nourishing reflective process exploring what leadership means to us as mothers; leadership of ourselves, our families, in our community and in the wider world, using the cultural Emergence Tool Kit and nature connection practices. 

Early Bird Places Left 
Plus '10% off if you bring a friend' Offer

CEED Course- Online

Coming January 2023

An online course with

Looby Macnamara & Jon Young

The  CEED (Cultural Emergence Effective Design) online course exploring use of the Design Web . The course material will consist of videos and activities with a forum and live group calls and Tutorials starting January 2023. 

Celebrating 10 Years of People & Permaculture

Designing personal, collective and planetary well-being,

It’s been 10 years since Looby published People & Permaculture - Designing personal, collective and planetary well-being, in March 2012.

People & Permaculture is a pioneering book, it was the first book globally to explore how to use permaculture design and principles for people. It widened the definition of permaculture and takes it into the heart of our own lives, relationships and society. It helped launch and evolve the social permaculture movement.

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