8 Shields and Cultural Emergence

Much appreciation for the power of collaboration to provide new creativity, ideas and emergence. The Cultural Emergence toolkit grew and evolved from a co-creative collaboration between Looby Macnamara and Jon Young.

On this web page you will find out more about 8 Shields, the work of Jon Yong and his collaboration with Looby on the development of Cultural Emergence.


What is 8 Shields?

In this video Looby and Jon talk about 8 Shields, it's history and how it works with Cultural Emergence.

At the top of this page is an image of the 8 Shields Mandala Looby created for the Cultural Emergence. 

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More about 8 Shields in Looby's Book Cultural Emergence

The 8 Shields model is explored in depth in Cultural Emergence, with reference to how to develop each attribute of connection. Each direction has activities to guide us in connecting to ourselves, each other and the more than human world.

Looby also explores how to use the model to support our design processes and some cultural norms connected to each attribute, and the possible fertile emergence that can arise when we activate each one.


Looby and Jon's Collaboration

Jon and Looby have been collaborating since 2016. They have been working together to emerge new tools and wisdom with the Cultural Emergence toolkit. 

Jon Young is a specialist in deep nature connection, storytelling, village building and cultural repair. He is co-author of Coyote’s guide to nature connection and author of What the Robin Knows. He is co-founder of the 8 Shields movement that has spread globally. Click here to visit Jon's website.

Looby also mentored the 8 Shields Institute in the Design Web. Jon and Looby have taught many courses together both in person at Applewood Permaculture Centre and in USA and online. They have included Cultural Emergence Leadership Training and a;; 3 modules of Cultural Emergence - Cultural Emergence Effective Design (CEED), Activating Cultural Emergence (ACE) and Peace Empowerment And Cultural Emergence (PEACE). 


Listen to Looby and Jon Young talking about how thier Work Intertwines

In this recent podcast from the Connection Maters Podcast from Live Wild, Jon Young and Looby talk with Leona Johnson about the origins of the 8 Shields, Mentoring, Deep Nature Connection, Culture Repair and Cultural Emergence as a way of bringing lasting transformation and change as we move through these uncertain times.


Learn More 

You can learn about the Cultural Emergnce and 8 Shields in the following places

  • Cultural Emergence - A Toolkit for Transforming Ourselves & The World - Pages 209 - 235
  • CEED (Cultural Emergence Effective Design) Course - run both in-person and online
  • PEACE (Peace Empowerment And Cultural Emergence) Course - run both in-person and online
  • Sign up to the Cultural Emergence newsletter where we will be sharing about Cultural Emergence, 8 Shields and keeping you updated on forthcoming courses, podcasts and videos. Click here to sign up

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Appreciation for Cultural Emergence

Cultural Emergence should be on the must-read list for all change makers. Looby has created a perfect guide to creating personal well-being and a more connected world. Looby is a master of synthesizing complex concepts into manageable bite-sized actions. This book is a fantastic resource to be read and re-read.

Salvatore Gencarelle
Helpers Mentoring Society