Cultural Emergence vision

A description of of cultural emergence vision

The Cultural Emergence Vision 

To accelerate global cultural transformation towards a peaceful, connected world to bring people and the planet into alignment for a positive regenerative future

Our mission is to

To create a profoundly effective toolkit to challenge and awaken; move and invigorate; nourish and empower individuals, groups and communities to bring us into a state of fertile Cultural Emergence.

Benefits of Cultural Emergence

Cultural Emergence brings us into ways of being and interacting with increased care, connection, effectiveness and trust. Through the creation of fields of encouragement we tap into collective genius and harness inspiration, imagination, creativity, wisdom, skills and experience. The invitation is for people to recognise their own role as agents of healing for Earth’s immune system. Using emergence can initiate breakthroughs in creating cultures of care, connection, peace, health and productivity; thinking, feeling and acting like a global family.

We long for connection and to contribute in a meaningful way. Cultural Emergence gives us the tools to uncover and then satisfy those longings, so that we bring the world and ourselves to a better, more peaceful and regenerative place.

From the foreword by Jon Young
Author of Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature and What the Robin Knows