About Bernard Joseph




My main academic degrees are a Master in Business Administration from the Solvay Business School in Belgium & a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach certification from the Chek Institute in the US. After a conventional career as an independent entrepreneur and manager in various business, health & well-being fields.

I have discovered Permaculture in 2013, and have been inspired by the transition and ecosystem regeneration movements. I have therefore completely changed my lifestyle by moving to an ecovillage in France to build my own bioclimatic, off-grid house. With permasens, I started to teach and share my experience - using multiple and kinetic intelligences - in trainings, mentoring and facilitation in the field of permaculture applied to people and groups.

I supervised the translation and publishing of the book "La Permaculture & Nous", based on the original edition "People & Permaculture" by Looby Macnamara. I’m an active member of the CE worldwide movement.

What Bernard Offers

My main fields of expertise concern shared governance, collective intelligence, group dynamics, facilitation, transition support, well-being, through connection to self, Nature and others.

Courses I can facilitate:
  • CEED (Cultural Emergence Effective Design)
  • Life Design, using the Design Web
  • Community building, using the Design Web
  • Moving from the Culture of « must do » to the Culture of Desire
  • Coaching
  • French
  • English