Cultural Emergence Courses


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 Learning pathways

There are 3 modules to become familiar with the Cultural Emergence toolkit. Each module focuses on a different area, while reinforcing and deepening previous learning. The Activating Cultural Emergence course is a great place to start your learning journey with Cultural Emergence, this can lead to either of the other 2 modules. There are 3 phases of Cultural Emergence and each of the modules specifically dives deeper into one of these phases. Each course will build your understanding of the cornerstones of Cultural Emergence.

After these 3 modules you can become a Cultural Emergence facilitator.

ACE - Activating Cultural Emergence course
CEED - Cultural Emergence Effective Design course
PEACE - Peace, Empowerment And Cultural Emergence course

ACE - Activating Cultural Emergence -
Awaken to possibilities

This module intends to ignite, awaken and inspire change in us. enables us to think differently, to ignite our curiosity and inspire change.During the course we deepen our awareness of Culture and explore and challenge our existing paradigms and cultural conditioning. We open up to a systems view of the world, bringing forth a sense of magic and hope. We connect to a bigger vision of possibility for ourselves and humanity.

It is a good starting point to become familiar with the overall concepts. This module focuses on the Challenge and Awaken phase.

Upcoming ACE courses

The Activating Cultural Emergence course is over a weekend and is also being offered online.

Online with ongoing enrollment

There will be a course in spring 2021 dates tbc. 

Recommended Reading

7 Ways to think Differently by Looby Macnamara

Fertile Edges by Maddy Harland

CEED - Cultural Emergence Effective Design -
Manifest your ideal scene

This module is about manifestation and growing in effectiveness. We explore the ecology of our personal cultures and look at our inner landscape and the social landscapes we are a part of and how we can interact with these to create solutions and support growth.

Creating a design for ourselves is the backbone of this course. Using the Design Web (created by Looby) as a framework we move with intention and clarity to create flexible, motivating designs for an aspect of our lives. The design you create becomes a 'CEED' that you can grow and cultivate beyond the course.

This module focuses on the Move and Invigorate phase.

Upcoming CEED courses

There will be a course in 2021 dates tbc.

Recommended Reading

People and Permaculture by Looby Macnamara

PEACE - Peace, Empowerment and Cultural Emergence -
Connect to self, people and land

The PEACE course provides an opportunity for deep connection with ourselves, each other and the more than human world. We come into an embodied sense of peace and empowerment that enable us to continue developing a culture of peace around and within us when we return home.

We focus on empowering ways to connect, collaborate and co-create. We explore ways in which we can nourish and empower ourselves. Through experiential activities we come to a sense of our own personal peace, from which we can bring peace making into our lives as a regular practice. We look at ways in which we can empower ourselves, and the groups we are a part of, for each person to bring forth their own gifts and talents.

This module focuses on the Nourish and Empower phase.

Upcoming PEACE courses

There will be a course in 2021 dates tbc.

Recommended Reading

Coyote's Guide to Nature Connection by Jon Young, et al

The Empowerment Manual by Starhawk

Strands of Infinity by Looby Macnamara

After you have completed the 3 modules you might be keen to share this toolkit with others, and the Cultural Emergence Facilitator Training is designed to give you the tools and confidence to do this in different situations, including running your own courses. (You will need to take at least one of these face to face).

The Cultural Emergence faciltiator training is a year long programme with 2 residentials and online coaching, mentoring and design work. See here for full details

For for the full list of upcoming courses, both face to face and online  see here