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There are 3 courses where you can explore different aspects of the culturla emergence toolkit. Each of the modules specifically dives deeper into one of the 3 phases of Cultural Emergence. These interlinked experiences nurture and deepen previous learning. After completing these modules you can continue onto an advanced facilitator and leadership training. There is a video below where Looby talks about the different courses here.  

These courses will be offered online and in person in 2023. Click here to find out more

Further details of all the courses can be found by clicking on the links below which will take you to our Applewood Courses website.

WOW! What an incredible fertile space of love and creation! Thank you so much for sharing your land, knowledge and love with us all. I feel empowered with the tools to create ripples of revolution.

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Cultural Emergence Taster Course 

FREE & Online

A great place to start your journey is with the FREE Cultural Emergence Taster Course. Participants learn from the on-line video tutorials and materials created by Looby. This course gives an overview of regenerative cultures and has some practical activities to get started. This offering is free/pay as you wish.

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Activating Cultural Emergence (ACE) 

The ACE course centers on the challenge & awaken phase of the toolkit. During the ACE course we look at the many levels of culture, right through from our own personal culture and patterns of being, to the global context. We will share tools, techniques, processes and ways of being, thinking and seeing differently. Each person adds their own unique voice of insight and wisdom to create exciting, engaging and illuminating experiences.

Next In-Person ACE course 8th - 10th September 2023, Herefordshire, UK With Looby Macnamara.

Online Cultural Emergence Effective Design (CEED) 

The On-line CEED course develops our design skills needed for the move & invigorate phase. We focus on how we can manifest our goals and visions effectively. You are guided to make a design for yourself or your organisation using the Design Web to create a culture of effectiveness.

This training will give you the confidence and skills to design any aspect of your life. You will gain design skills and tools ready to take forward and do more designs.

The course will run over 6 weeks and the course material will consist of videos and activities with a forum and 3 live group calls along side. To find out more click here

Next online CEED CourseEnrolments February 2024

If you are interested email 

Peace Empowerment And Cultural Emergence (PEACE) 

This module of the Cultural Emergence toolkit embodies the nourish and empower phase. It gives us the opportunity to deeply connect with ourselves, each other and the more than human world. It is an experiential journey to finding peace and empowerment within ourselves. We can carry these tools forward to emerge a peaceful culture in our own lives.

Next in-person PEACE Course - 8th - 13th August 2023, Herefordshire, UK With Looby Macnamara and Leona Johnson

If you are interested email 

Cultural Emergence Facilitator Training (FIT)

We offer a unique creative opportunity, to further develop facilitation skills of those who wish to share the profound potential and effectiveness of the Cultural Emergence toolkit.

Our course vision is to create a community of Cultural Emergence facilitators, who will inspire transformation and contribute to the growth of a life sustaining culture.

This training invites you to celebrate your pathway, build confidence, and become a skilled and empowered facilitator and designer.

If you are interested email 

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