Cultural Emergence Birthday Week 

See what we did to celebrater 1 year...

Recordings of each event are below

It’s been a year since Cultural Emergence - A toolkit for Transforming Ourselves & the World by Looby Macnamara, went to press. Since its publication Cultural Emergence has been read in at least 30 countries across the planet. Thousands of people have been incorporating the Cultural Emergence practices and principles into their daily lives. People have been designing, connecting with nature, and tending their own personal culture.

At this 1 year anniversary we had 3 events to share some of these designs, stories and future plans. Read on below to see what we did and watch the recordings.

Cultural Emergence Celebration Event

Looby Macnamara was joined by Jon Young and friends to shared stories and designs of the first year of Cultural Emergence being out in the world.

Watch the stories, music, poems, and vision  of a regenerative future.

Recording below

Group diploma adventure

free activation event

Looby Macnamara and Delvin Solkinson, and guests, were online to share about a uniquely creative design journey. In the Group Diploma Adventure you can learn with like minded people to build momentum, activate creativity, and have fun completing Diploma designs.

To watch the recording of the zoom call please click on this link

Click here to find out more about the Group Diploma Adventure Course 

Kate Gathercole's Diploma Accreditation

Kate is one of our newly qualified Cultural Emergence Facilitators from the year long facilitator training. She was also one of Looby's permaculture diploma apprentices since 2016. In 2021 she successfully completed her Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, and presented her portfolio online with an international audience.

Kate's journey through the Permaculture Diploma process has drawn in a wide variety of approaches, she says

"my work includes traditional land based designs, social permaculture designs, Cultural Emergence designs, designs that focus on organisational-change, designs that developed me as an artist, designs that happened in just a few hours, designs that took years (literally…), designs that supported me, and designs that changed me. My designs weave permaculture principles and methods with other approaches, including appreciative inquiry, logical levels, the work that reconnects, gestalt and homeopathic philosophy, as well as the principles and core routines of Cultural Emergence."


Cultural Emergence book

*Special Offer*

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the release of Cultural Emergence , Looby is including a free PDF of the principle illustrations when you buy the book. 

The book is filled with practical activities to help you apply and embody the Cultural Emergence toolkit in your own life for immediate benefits.

You also might like to connect with your local friends and community and start a book club or learning guild, where you can share insights, experiences and support.