Origins of Cultural Emergence

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Cultural Emergence is at the pioneering edge of permaculture. The toolkit is a further evolution, expansion and emergence of Looby’s work with People & Permaculture (personal, social and global permaculture). Since 2016 Looby has been collaborating with Jon Young (founder of 8 Shields) with the Cultural Emergence Project. The toolkit has emerged through the collaboration, distillation and synthesis of Jon Young and Looby Macnamara’s pioneering work in the arenas of personal and social permaculture, deep nature connection and village building. The project started with asking the question – How do we make the cultural shifts necessary to bring us into a more caring, connected society? Over the past few years we have engaged in a collaborative and co-creative process with many wisdom keepers and course participants. We have harvested the collective wisdom to answer these questions, and to create a profoundly effective toolkit. This has now coalesced into the book Cultural Emergence - A Toolkit for Transforming Ourselves & the World by Looby Macnamara.

This timely companion to her groundbreaking first book People & Permaculture is a deep exploration of the culture, stories and paradigms that shape our lives, and how we can reimagine them to change our world for the better. Weaving together systems thinking and patterns, she invites personal reflection and offers us a multitude of tools to make the most of this opportunity in time. This is a book that belongs in every changemaker's hands.

Author of Permaculture Design – Step by Step