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Based in Western Canada and Latin America

Having grown up across 3 continents and cultures, my interest in the human, natural and unseen worlds has been diversely influenced since childhood. For three decades I have explored the question of what sustainable living and healthy foodist practice can look like. My journey on the healing/transformational path has spanned two decades and a bountiful array of modalities and cultural practices. The intersection space of ‘Spirit’ and mundane daily life is my ‘sweet spot’ of interest. Sound/vibration work is the realm in which I facilitate space for individuals to take the next step on their own journey of healing and growth. My journey with permaculture and anthropology was a direct path to Cultural Emergence.

Cultural Emergence is the field where I have experienced the greatest potential for tangible and practical action to be initiated in a process that also invites and nourishes the magic of possibility to arrive for vast and permanent personal transformation in any aspect of life - public, private, personal or professional. The wisdom of the body, the planet, the stars and the unseen realms is welcomed into our cultural world through the portal known as the design web and core routines. This process inherently deepens relationships with self and the world and can bring greater health to all aspects of living.

What I require: A sincere willingness to step into the unknown - acknowledgment of everything that emerges - work towards an embodied knowing of all experience containing an element of the sacred - conscious consent to invite in greater health, joy, wisdom and abundance into your life.

I look forward to hearing from you.

What Lee Offers

Courses I can facilitate:
  • Introduction to Cultural Emergence
  • Co facilitated Cultural Emergence courses (co facilitation can be with other modalities)
  • 1 on 1 mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Design support
  • English
  • Spanish

Lee's Current Courses

Cultural Emergence Design Course this Summer 
British Columbia Canada
August 5th - 15th 2022

Come to the beautiful Eastshore of Kootenay Lake for a 10 day in person CEED course coupled with Hatha Yoga, Sound Baths, Body Sensing meditation and Yoga Nidra (yoga of the state of consciousness between waking and sleeping).

This retreat is a collective facilitation between Lee Reidl, Melina Cinq Mars and Geoffroy Tremblay.

We will dive deep with these relaxing body-based practices to support working with the Cultural Emergence Design Web and Core Routines. All levels of experience are welcome.

The retreat will be hosted at a property directly on the lake with its own beach and great swimming. Forest trails accessible directly across the road.  Accommodations will be land based in tipis and tents. Meals will be oriented towards vegetarian and vegan fare - primarily using local, in season produce.

Course Facilitators

Lee is a Cultural Emergence and Healing Sound Session facilitator with an extensive background in all things 'Foodist'.

Geoffroy teaches meditation in a non dual tradition of Kashmir Shaivism

Melina is a Hatha yoga teacher who focuses on therapeutic yoga and symbols to access the Inner Voice and the Higher Self that lives within each of us.

Lee's Cultural Emergence

Storytelling Symbols

At the closing of our Cultural Emergence Facilitators training we were asked to storytell our journey to each other. Upon starting to sketch out that timeline of events I had a really clear understanding arrive. My journey with Cultural Emergence has had a very palpable walk with a layer of ancestral healing. I had been aware of the synchronicities between the two and yet until I drew out the timeline I had not actually seen the correlation between moments of presenting in our group training and ancestral reconciliation events that had taken place. As all the layers between the two began to collapse into a single calendar I knew I could not try to represent this passage with written words. SO, I made storytelling cards - symbols - that I used, along with bullet points to speak about my experience to the group. Below are a few of the symbols I created for that sharing.

self portrait

Lee's Fit Pathway Design

My journey with my FiT pathway design was fundamentally guided by using the shape of the Chakana symbol. I was in need of a shape to anchor, organize and visualize the creative chaos of everything I had documented on a large sheet of paper over the initial months of our training. The Chakana is a symbol I was raised with in the years of my youth in South America and a symbol that had been part of some of my training in these more recent times. It inherently has the capacity to hold more than one world or level of thought, action and reality. This allowed me to place the different levels of my desires and needs for growth, the different geographical locations for personal practice and the different kinds of expression I wished to create in a container that has already been a vessel for magic and wisdom across centuries.
Below I have included a few photos to illustrate how I used the components of this symbol to organize my design.

The 1st  photo shows some of the celestial and directional elements that make up the Chakana symbol.

The 2nd photo is the complete symbol with my Cultural Emergence design incorporated on it.

The 3rd photo show more details of what the Chakana elements represent.

One of the many things I really appreciate about Cultural Emergence is how it supports a design representation that is unique to each individual and design topic. I have had the pleasure of hearing songs and poetry, seeing art, maps and reading detailed accounts of people’s design experience. All process is welcome.

3 intention chakana part
6 masculine centre

Lee's Sound Healing

sound tools

I also walk in the world as a Sound Session facilitator. For me, sound sessions are another expression of Cultural Emergence as the practice is one of tending to your personal culture. There is often a unique expression of Emergence as a sound session can support the surfacing of the wisdom within. Below is a description of how I specifically work and the benefits of sound sessions.

I work with Acutonic Planetary Hand Chimes, Acutonic Tuning Forks, Singing bowls, Koshi Chimes, other sound technology, and indigenous wisdom practices. Working via the Quantum field, my practice is guided by breath testing (a form of muscle testing). The session is informed by the intention held by the client. I ask to be a clear channel to receive guidance from the Higher Self of the client. Through breath testing during the session I receive 'instruction' from the Higher Self for how to work with the singing bowls, hand chimes, rattles and other tools. Along with Sound Healing, I also breath test which Crystals are to come for the session to lay a grid around and on the client. My work is in person or via distance sessions.
Each session is unique.

Sound and frequency work can be very beneficial for relaxation, opening, shifting and integration for the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Sound healing is a non-invasive and potent way to access a place in the physical or energetic body that is ‘frozen’ or stuck from a moment in the past where we were unable to fully process an experience. When our physical and energetic fields experience the information in the sound tool vibrations a ‘moment of movement’ is possible, which creates an opportunity for something different to happen. Sound can also be very effective to bring an intention/affirmation further into the body.
The possibility for shift is profoundly supported and integrated by your breath. The merging of sound and crystal vibrations can work with the power of your breath to be a very supportive and relaxing experience for expanding consciousness and optimizing health.

I recorded the two short tracks below to send to Kate Gathercole as part of the collective collaboration process to create a soundtrack for the Cultural Emergence podcast. The 1st track is singing bowls and Acutonics Hand Chimes - Sun, Hygiea and Mercury. The 2nd track is only singing bowls.