Cultural Emergence book

Cultural Emergence book cover

Cultural Emergence

A Toolkit for Transforming Ourselves and the World

The 4th book by Looby Macnamara

Looby Macnamara, international thought leader and teacher, introduces Cultural Emergence, a framework and toolkit that enables us to design the world we want to live in. It activates healing and revolutionises our approach to creating life-sustaining and regenerative cultures.
Drawing upon the lineages of indigenous wisdom, permaculture design and systems thinking, Cultural Emergence is a profoundly effective toolkit for creating a new understanding of culture.

Cultural Emergence shows us how to:

• Expand our thinking and possibilities

• Better understand where problems come from and use radical reflection on the root causes to create successful healing strategies

• Embody the learning and effectively embed changes into our lives for new ways of interacting and being

• Build our individual and collective resilience in turbulent times and support ourselves to proactively adjust to transitions – whether they are personal life changes or collective challenges such as climate change

• Use the tools in this kit to create the conditions for emergence; informing the creation of cultures of care, connection, peace, health, effectiveness and trust

Cultural Emergence is visionary, practical, wise and simple to use. It is a message of hope with tools for empowerment. Filled with stories of people around the world who have benefited using this approach, it inspires us with possibilities.

It is a timely, much-needed book that has the potential to be useful to everyone and enable deeply radical transformation.

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Reviews of Cultural Emergence

This book blossoms with brilliance – an abundant trove of wise blessings and necessary  tools for transformation. With clarity, sensitivity, and impressive breadth of knowledge, Looby Macnamara guides us through topics ranging from permaculture to privilege, from  leadership to language, from systems thinking to storytelling. This comprehensive synthesis  is both practical and visionary; a gift to help you bring forth your gifts; a map to help our culture find its way into the future. An important and timely achievement!  

Drew Dellinger
Author of Love Letter to the Milky Way

Looby’s writing is absorbing, thought-provoking and accessible. I am profoundly grateful for Looby for writing this book. It is empowering, life-enhancing and nourishing – a valuable and much-needed gift to the emerging and growing culture of people who are living with greater harmony and respect for each other and all of life. Let’s share it far and wide!

Glennie Kindred
Author of Walking with Trees and Letting in the Wild Edges

Cultural Emergence should be on the must-read list for all change makers. Looby has created  a perfect guide to creating personal well-being and a more connected world. Looby is a  master of synthesizing complex concepts into manageable bite-sized actions. This book is a fantastic resource to be read and re-read.

Salvatore Gencarelle
Helpers Mentoring Society

Other Books by Looby

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