The Design Web

On this web page you will find out more about the Design Web, how it has been used around the world, appreciation for it and how you can learn more. 

Above is  an image of the Design Web, showing each of the "anchor points". As you work through each one you create and manifest a wholistic design. 

Vision Anchor Point



Cultural Emergence supports us in designing the world we want to live in. The Design Web is a framework and toolkit that enables our personal and collective journeys of connection and well-being. It activates healing and revolutionises our approach to creating life-sustaining and regenerative cultures.

Ideas Anchor Point


Ideas - Design Possibilities

Design can be used to manifest projects, behaviour changes, products, pathways, pro- cesses. Design supports us to walk our talk and come into alignment with who we want to be in the world. We can use the process in a multitude of ways throughout our life journey. For example, we could create designs to enhance our own emotional well-being, to bring insights to family dynamics, for clearer communication in our relationships, moving home, starting a new job, getting fit, developing our nature connection.

It can be used on different scales, to look at something very specific and contained such as family meals, structure of group meetings or a trip away. We can design bigger picture things such as life transitions, career choices, and organisational structures. The Design Web can be used at home, in our gardens, workplaces, groups, neighbourhoods, within international movements.

Designs have already been done by people for

  • Changing lifestyles, diet, location and careers
  • Looking after elderly parents, becoming a parent, from organising house cleaning duties to recovering from burnout and chronic illness,
  • Life transitions and rites of passage – from birth plans and weddings to end of life and dying creatively plans.
  • Manifesting products such as books, courses and learning tools.
  • Supporting a variety of skill development; becoming a facilitator, learning a new language, acquiring cooking or storytelling skills.
  • Running volunteer programmes and events, from building homes to building businesses.
  • Enabling more people care and resilience by teachers and health professionals in schools and hospitals
  • Places including land, buildings, homes and offices.
  • Scaling up and restructuring work of international organisations and businesses.


Action - Learn More 

You can learn about the Design Web in the following places

  • Cultural Emergence - A Toolkit for Transforming Ourselves & The World - Pages 116 -171
  • People and Permaculture - Pages 43-49 and 259 - 274
  • CEED (Cultural Emergence Effective Design) Course - run both in-person and online
  • Sign up to the Cultural Emergence newsletter where we will be sharing designs and tips for using the Design Web, and keeping you updated on forthcoming courses. Click here to sign up

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Appreciation for the Design Web

Looby was masterful in her ability to help me see other possibilities that I couldn’t see before. Her Design Web, for example, has become a good friend of mine. It is now a part of my operating system and I intuitively use it all the time. As a result, everything that I’m doing has become more useful and effective.

Jon Young
Forward From Cultural Emergence



Each person can incorporate their life’s experiences, bringing new methods, adapting the tools. They can their own artistic, analytical, logical and story telling skills into the process. There is a never-ending supply of unique approaches to design - we are all natural designers.



There are infinite opportunities for us to shift our perspectives, invite change and create positive spirals of health, wealth and abundance in many different forms through design. People have found the emerging, non linear process of the Design Web intuitive, practical, sensible, fluid, inspirational and resonant with their own organic nature.



Here is a video where Looby talks about the design web and her book Cultural Emergence - A Toolkit for Transforming Ourselves & the World.