We Have a selection of films from Looby and collaborators about Cultural Emergence 

We will be adding to the library of films over time so do come back and see what is new and join our newsletter for updates. 

What is Cultural Emergence?

How to Understand and Change Culture

What is Cultural Emergence? with Looby Macnamara

Cultural Emergence - A Poem by Looby Macnamara, from Strands of Infinity

Cultural Emergence - Sense Making in a Changing World Podcast

More about Cultural Emergence

How to Design Regenerative Cultures

Cultural Emergence with Jon Young, Looby Macnamara and Maddy Harland

Cultural Emergence Principles - 'Plan and then Flow'

Creating The Conditions For Cultural Emergence


Jon Young: Nature Connection & How to Prepare for the Future

How To Be An Effective Activist - Starhawk

Design Web with Delvin Solkinson

Permaculture Design Practice : Diploma Presentation with Delvin Solkinson


We Shall be Known by MaMuse & Cultural Emergence principles

Applewood Permaculture Pioneers

Seeding Social Permaculture

Discover the Culture Emergence Toolkit

Other Films by Looby

The 7 Ways of Thinking Differently

Women In Permaculture - With Looby Macnamara

Future Permaculture with Looby Macnamara

Lush Book Club - In Conversation With Looby Macnamara