What is Cultural Emergence?

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Cards showing principles of Cultural Emergence

Cultural Emergence is a toolkit for expanding our positive impact in the world. It is designed to support us to bring about fertile emergence in our own lives, in our groups and communities and take this into the wider world.

Our vision is for global cultural transformation towards a peaceful, connective society and a positive regenerative future.

Cultural Emergence uses conscious design and action to help us manifest our ideal scene, for ourselves and the world. The toolkit is designed to support us to be proactive and facilitate visionary responses to all of the diverse areas of change that we will experience on a personal and global level. Change brings a period of uncertainty which can feel uncomfortable. Having the tools and strategies of Cultural Emergence supports and empowers us to step into that uncomfortable space in between the old and the new. The space in between is fertile with possibilities. Having a sense of confidence in consciously navigating the unknown, instead of reacting to it, nourishes one’s ability to create a space where fertile emergence can happen.

Orange Flour

The Aboriginal Australians tell us that we ‘sing and dance the world into existence’. We  are more powerful than we realise. In this practical and inspiring book, Looby helps us to  reclaim our power with fresh thinking and new patterns, habits and routines. Each part helps us to evaluate and consider, imagine and design new ways to find our voice and take  the actions that are needed to help a new culture emerge, one that puts people, planet and  our intimately bound fate at the heart of everything we do.

Andy Goldring
CEP, Permaculture Association (Britain)

What Is Emergence?

Emergence is when new things emerge, arise, come into being, are birthed. With emergence there are unexpected and unpredictable results when things come together.  These things might be atoms, molecules, ingredients in the kitchen or people.  1+1 = a spiral, or a quagglydooda or something else that is unimaginable beforehand; something that exists in the combination that didn’t exist before such as bees + flowers  = honey. There are emergent properties that arise from the interaction. 

Emergence is ‘something coming into consciousness or ‘being’. It is a collective process rooted in one's personal space. Emergence is not planned in advance. It is an experience of the moment. There is a bright, nourishing, joyful, healthy and creative future waiting to arrive. It is as diverse as we are and re/generative beyond imagination. The specific shape of it is still not quite visible - it is forming from our deepest communal longings. The role each of us has in co- creating and holding space for its emergence is deeply meaningful and inspiring work.


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Illustration of cultural emergence words from book

The toolkit is extensive with practices, phases and principles. The cornerstones of the toolkit are

  • Awareness of culture
  • Systems and patterns
  • Manifestation through design
  • Connection practices
  • Empowerment

Together they provide the framework for deep transformation and alignment.

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