Your Cultural Emergence Journey

Emerging new cultures is an on-going process and journey of enquiry and discovery. Below are some ways you can engage with your own pathway and connect with others along the way.

May Cultural Emergence be a guide and companion on your life journey and our collective travels into regenerative futures.

Cultural Emergence book

The book is filled with practical activities to help you apply and embody the toolkit in your own life for immediate benefits.

You also might like to connect with your local friends and community and start a book club or learning guild, where you can share insights, experiences and support.

Cultural Emergence book cover

Social media and newsletter

There are weekly posts in our Facebook group with a principle or practice of Cultural Emergence to reflect upon and share stories with people around the world.

Our newsletter has monthly tips about using the toolkit in our own lives, families and groups. Get a FREE download of  Looby's book 7 Ways to Think Differently when you sign up to the newsletter.

Over time we will be expanding our social media platforms, so please do sign up to our newsletter to stay informed.

Learning modules

There are 3 courses where you can explore different aspects of the toolkit. Each of the modules specifically dives deeper into one of the 3 phases of Cultural Emergence. These interlinked experiences nurture and deepen previous learning. After completing these modules you can continue onto an advanced facilitator and leadership training.

These courses will be offered on-line and in person 2023.

mandala with petals and 3 circles